Fretboard template generator

This app generates fretboard templates. You can specify the fretboard parameters and it will generate a PDF that you can download and print out. The simplest way to find out what the parameters do is to play around with them. In a modern desktop browser you should see the resulting PDF next to the parameters. Every change is applied immediately. Download the PDF using the "Download template" button or via the embedded viewer.

See below for a more detailed parameter description and some usage information.

Parameter description

All parameters are specified in millimeters! To convert an inch value to a millimeter value simply multiply it with 25.4.
Scale length
The scale length is used to calculate the distance between the frets. It's not the same as the length of the fretboard! Some common scale lengths are:
Number of frets
The number of frets to use.
Add scale table to PDF
Generates an additional page in the PDF that lists for each fret the distances to the nut and bridge as well as the distances between frets.
Fretboard width at nut and 12th fret
These two values determine the overall shape of the fretboard.
Fretboard extension at nut
Determines how far the fretboard extends starting from the end of the nut towards the headstock.
Fretboard extension at last fret
The additional length of the fretboard after the last fret.
Nut width
The width of the nut itself, i.e. the width of the cavity that has to be carved out to fit the nut into the fretboard. Please not that the nut is not centered along the 0th fret! Instead it extends from the 0th fret towards the headstock. This might not match with certains nuts!
String spacings at nut and bridge
The spacing between the lowest and highest string at the nut and bridge. These value are determined by the actual hardware that used for the nut and bridge. They only affect the layout of the inlays. If you don't know them you can estimate them by (temporarily) activating the Draw strings option.
Number of strings
The number of strings that will be used. This value only affects the layout of the inlays.
Draw strings
Use this option to temporarily draw the strings that result from the selected string spacings at the nut and bridge.
Inlay layout
A selection of available inlay layouts. You can also disable inlays altogether here if you don't want any.
Inlay radius
Radius of the inlays. Make sure to no mix it up with the diameter!
Fret slot cutting depth
The depth of the fret slots. This value is just used to print the measurement helper.

The overall fretboard length can be calculated as: "Fretboard length before nut" + "Nut width" + "Length between 0th and last fret" + "Fretboard length after last fret".


  1. Adjust the fretboard parameters until you are happy.
  2. Download the resulting PDF. You can do so via the embedded preview window or using the download button.
  3. Print out the template. Make sure that the printer does not scale the contents!
  4. Measure one of the two lines that are shown on the printout. One can be used for metric units and the other for imperial units. Each line should measure the length that's shown next to it. If that's not the case then the printer has performed some scaling and the template can not be used!
  5. Cut out one of the templates.
  6. Glue the template to the piece of wood along the middle line.
  7. Now go to town by cutting the fret holes, forming the fretboard, etc.
This application was built with Svelte.